Recruitment Process

Recruitment process consists in the resume evaluation and in the next two interviews: the first one to discuss some business cases and the other one is to understand motivations.

Resume sending: We will invite you to interview after having carefully analyzed your resume to see whether you match our requirements (for example, excellent academic record, significant professional experiences, fluency in English and possibly other languages, etc). All applicants receive an answer from us within two weeks.

Some advices for your resume:
 One-two pages maximum; use a simple lay-out that makes it easy to read.
 A cover letter is preferable.
 Personalize the resume by highlighting the qualities/experiences that the company is looking for.

The interview process: it generally consists of two rounds:

 The first round you shall be asked to discuss one or more business cases.
 The second round you shall have a motivational interview with the objective of to knowing each other. The West East recruiter is available to describe the Company and to address any question or doubt. At the same time the recruiter will be looking for any indicators showing your talent, problem-solving and leadership skills, as well as for your interpersonal abilities and your general motivation and drive.