Services Overview

Our services support client both in one-time transaction and in ongoing business. We have the ability to understand the client’s needs and to structure a strategy to reach the defined targets in a safely and efficiently way.

  • Investment Strategy in China

    We support client from planning to implementation phase with all the necessary activities in order to develop its business in China.

  • Suppliers & Import/Export

    An efficient and sustainable supply chain is one of the key point that has to be evaluated, planned and implemented during the entry/growth strategy in China.

  • Corporate Strategy

    Registering a foreign company in China is complex. Our extensive network of local government bureaus contacts can help you accelerate your entry/growth in China.

  • Human Resources

     Our comprehensive range of human resource services allow you to focus on your business and potential marketplaces while leaving HR management to us.

  • Marketing

    Understanding the Chinese market is a challenging task. Our consultants assist you with understanding the complexities of that market; we help clients to make well-informed decisions.

  • Tax & Accounting

    Accounting & taxation systems, regulations and rules vary considerably in different countries, and it is no different in China. Proper planning is critical for business ventures to succeed in China.

  • Outsourcing & BPO

    By outsourcing back-office functions you can focus on your core business. In that way the headquarter of the company group keeps under control the real situation of the Chinese project.

  • Events Management

    We support the organization of your meeting, business trip, events, conferences and festivals (exhibition participation, seminars, etc.). We assist client before, during and after the event.