Understanding the Chinese market is a challenging task. Our consultants assist you with understanding the complexities of that market; we help clients to make well-informed decisions when developing a strategy for China entry/growth.

  • Market Research, Analysis & Assessment: we can assist you with understanding consumer preferences and behaviors for your products and services through our Consumer Research and Industry Analysis. We can perform Competitive Intelligence and Feasibility Studies to assess the risks and opportunities for your business in China.

    Market Strategy Consulting: we develop strategies for Market Entry, Market Growth and Mergers & Acquisitions; we also can support your company with the planning & execution of the strategy to ensure a smooth implementation for a successful entry/growth in the Chinese market.

    Regulatory Environment Analysis: companies in China are subject to a complex and changing regulatory environment in areas such as Corporate Formation, Trade, Taxation and Labor Law. The knowledge of the current regulations and trends can contribute to the setup of your company in China.

    Due Diligence: we can perform Due Diligence to investigate the credibility and financial standing of your potential partners.

    Location Search: we assist you in the search of the optimal investment location for your manufacturing facility, headquarter or office. We conduct Geographical Analysis & Evaluation of Government Policies & Incentives in different regions, cities and Economic Development Zones.