Outsourcing & BPO

By outsourcing back-office functions you can focus on your core business, take advantage of industry best practices and achieve cost savings. Moreover with the outsourcing of the control, the headquarter of the company group keeps under control the real situation of the Chinese project.

  • Outsourcing - Business Operations Support: our company provides support for your business operations such as Project Management for ad-hoc assignments such as trading, sourcing, liaison with suppliers etc, as well as Interim Management while you set up the business or build up the management team.

    Outsourcing - Basic Control: to Reduce Expatriate Costs during the entry/growth strategy for Small Medium Industry, we offer a part-time expert to control the Chinese partner/department.

    Outsourcing - Custom Control: to Reduce Expatriate Costs & Manage a Complex Project, we offer a customized and expert team to control the Chinese department/project/company.

    BPO - HR Support Services: HR business processes are often resource-intensive and time-consuming. Most companies, especially small & medium enterprises, prefer outsourcing solutions. Our company provides services for Employment Procedure Management, Payroll & Benefit Setup & Administration, Personal Income Tax Filing and Visa/Permit Application & Renewal.

    BPO - Tax & Accounting Outsourcing: in order for your company to focus on core business activities, you can outsource to us daily financial administration of your company such as Tax Filing & Payments and Book-Keeping & Financial Statement Generation. We can also assist with Capital Verification, Government Tax Inspections and Annual Audits.