Tax & Accounting

Accounting & taxation systems, regulations and rules vary considerably in different countries, and it is no different in China. Proper planning is critical for business ventures to succeed in China.

  • Tax Planning & Advisory: our services enable you to manage all intricate details in local jurisdictions during Corporate & Personal Tax Planning and assist you in ensuring Tax Compliance for your business.

    Tax Registration & Filing: tax registration requirements and procedures vary widely, depending on the type of your company setup and nature of the business. Our experienced tax accountants can help you navigate through this often confusing process.

    Accounting System Setup: a good accounting system ensures ease of transaction, proper bookkeeping and hassle-free annual audits. Our services assist your company with formulating adaptable accounting system and processes that allows financial reporting according to standards of both China and the country of your parent company.

    Tax & Accounting Outsourcing:
    in order for your company to focus on core business activities, you can outsource to us the daily financial administration such as Tax Filing & Payments and Book-Keeping & Financial Statement Generation. We can also assist you with Capital Verification, Government Tax Inspections and Annual Audits.