Career Path

The career path in West East follows different stages with more objectives and responsibilities; it will lead the person to face a path of growth not only at working level but also personal.

  • Associate Consultant: The ideal candidate holds a university degree (preferably in Economics or Management Engineer) obtained with top scoring and within expected deadline, speaks at least English fluently (and preferably another language) and has matured significant professional experience for about 12-24 months in a leading company. Associate Consultants or Senior Associate Consultant has strong analytical skills, rigor and creativity, teamworking skills, passion and commitment and a strong orientation towards results.

    Consultant: The ideal candidate holds an MBA from a leading Italian or international business school, has achieved a significant and successful professional experience in at least one leading medium-large sized company or financial institution for at least three years and speaks English fluently. Consultant must have the same qualities of the Associate Consultant and, in addition his/her previous experience must bring value to the consulting profession with a strong focus on results.

    Manager: The ideal candidate (although we seldom hire candidates from outside for the Manager role) has achieved extremely significant professional experiences that are directly relevant to our work. He/she has achieved a successful career, with increasing responsibilities as manager or project leader in a well-organized blue-chip company or another international consulting company. Managers have all the qualities of a Consultants; in addition, they must have a strong leadership skills with the team and the client with a proven track record of being capable of "making things happen", the ability to win the trust of client managers, an entrepreneurial attitude and the ability to absorb and communicate West East values.

    Partner: Normally Partners are chosen from within the Manager group and are those who stand out thanks to their professional quality, leadership, impact on client results and entrepreneurial skills.